Tappex Heat Installation Machine for Press in type Thread Inserts

Introducing the high quality heat inserter machine from Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd.

A machine that’s built to last, the body and foot are manufactured from cast aluminium with an epoxy powder-coated finish and the post is made from steel. The machine can be used to install any of the Tappex press in range of inserts – (Multisert, Dedsert, Microbarb or Suresert ranges) from M2 upto M12.

Heat installation machine, exclusively from Tappex

Heat installation machine, exclusively from Tappex

The machine’s features include…

Installation Speed Control – an adjustable damper that prevents the insert from being pressed in before the material has had chance to melt.

Installation Complete Indicator – A green LED illuminates when the insert has been installed to the correct height, this ensures optimum cycle times are achieved.

Variable temperature range – Upto 400 degrees C – ensures the machine can be used on a great variety of materials. (Temperature is limited to 400 degrees prior to delivery, machine is capable of higher temperatures but may affect the lifespan of the heater element).

Other specifications…

  • Stroke depth of 75mm
  • Adjustable height / Stop Position
  • CE Marked
  • Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
  • Output 400w
  • Complete with Three Heat Tips (manufactured in house so we can offer additional tips and bespoke designs to suit)

Heat InstallerTo see the machine in action, follow this link to our youtube channel.. 

Alternatively if you’d like some advice on heat inserting, product selection or to request an on-site demonstration of the heat inserter machine, then please give our sales office a call on +44 (0) 1789 206600, or drop us an email to sales@tappex.co.uk.

Tappex Thread Inserts – Coming to an Exhibition near you – PDM 2015

Exhibition Picture - Interplas 2104

The Tappex Group of Companies will be exhibiting at this years Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition – PDM2015.

Tappex group includes the following two operations both based in the West Midlands and of independent family ownership since 1956.

Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd are manufacturers of fastening product solutions for the OEM/Plastics Industries. Our comprehensive range of Threaded Inserts & Compression Limiters can be used for mouldings including Injection, Compression, SMC & DMC, Wood Laminates, Composite material constructions & Light Metal Alloys.

OEM applications include Automotive vehicle Electronics/Control enclosures, Interiors trim & dashboard constructions, Exterior fitments & Chassis parts. Many of our components are found in critical applications across a range of industries including aerospace, marine, rail, domestic appliances, telecommunications medical instruments and motorsport to name a few.

Threaded Inserts may be specified for inclusion within bespoke mould tooling, post-mould installation whether by physical press-in (at Ambient temperatures, or with Heat or Ultrasonics) alternatively they may be of the self-threading type.

Tappex Threaded inserts are suitable for a very wide range of Thermoplastic & Thermoset materials, including the latest engineering plastics and composite materials.

Tappex have in-house applications engineers, prototyping, mechanical test as well as relevant project management experience to look after OEM/Automotive AQP requirements.

Tappex product both standards & specials are supplied to OEM & their supply chains including JLR, VW Group, Mercedes Benz, MAN & JCB – Tappex works with Tiers – 1,2 & 3 to suit.

Our knowledgeable sales engineers will be on hand at the PDM exhibition to demonstrate our range of installation machinery and also to discuss your current or upcoming projects involving threaded inserts.

To see the Tappex range of products please follow this link… www.Tappex.co.uk

Pressavon Ltd – Progression-tooled metal pressed parts for OEM/Automotive Industries. 1st & 2nd supplier to Automotive & Brown Goods Industries.

Long-standing experience of developing solutions for fluid pipe/tube bracketry & sub-assemblies (currently supply via Tier-1 into Mazda such a volume part). Some specialization also with 2nd.Op. welding (including Robot),Vibro-deburr & mechanical sub-assembly. Capable of handling material sections up to 6mm thickness with 25-220Tonne Hydra-Mechanical Presses. Knowledge of tooling & process requirements for Cold/Hot formed steels (including high tensile grades) & also non-ferrous materials.

Experienced project managers who will take responsibility from concept to series supply of customer’s parts. For more information on Pressavon please follow the link to our website here… www.pressavon.co.uk

Both the Tappex & Pressavon companies operate under BS9001-2008 & ISO 14001 accredited controls, hold IMDS registration and undertake PPAP/ISIR’s as required.

Tappex Hand Tools – For installing Brass and Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Thread Inserts

Tappex Patented hand tools are designed to allow the quick, easy, accurate and repeatable installation of Tappex self tapping thread inserts for plastics, metals or composite materials.

Tappex Range of hand tools - available in metric thread sizes of M2 to M10. Other thread forms are available upon request.

Tappex Range of hand tools – available in thread sizes M2 to M10. Other thread forms are available upon request.

The Tappex range of hand tools feature….

  • A Metric hexagon drive and so can be used with either a socket drive tool or tap wrench
  • Extended nose design to help where access is restricted
  • Centered to aid alignment with pillar drill or mill
  • Alignment bush retained by an O ring which allows removal of the shroud if space is limited
  • A nose designed to install the insert to the correct depth – ensuring consistently that the best performance is achieved

For a video showing the Tappex hand tool in use, please follow this link to visit our you tube page.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your application further, then please do give our technical sales office a us a call on 01789 206 600 or drop us an e-mail to sales@tappex.co.uk.

Tappex Thread Insert Installation Tooling – for self tapping Inserts

The Original FlexiArm – Only available from Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd

Tappex flexi arm with pneumatic screwdriver

Tappex Double flexi-arm with pneumatic screwdriver

The Tappex FlexiArm and Desoutter screwdriver combination offer a simple to set up and easy to use solution for rapid installation of self threading inserts into plastics, metal alloys, wood or the latest engineering composite materials.

Quick & simple set up.

Simply insert a Tappex production driver (with 1/4″ hex drive) into the Desoutter pneumatic screwdriver and adjust the installation torque. Once the torque is set, the tool will reliably install thread inserts to the correct depth with consistent torque every-time.

Upto 3 arms can be fitted to a single mounting column, this allows you to install several different sizes of threaded inserts from one machine location.

The FlexiArm is fully adjustable, so ensures that the insert will be installed square to the workpiece.

The FlexiArms Ergonomic design, with counterbalanced and spring loaded arms ensures the resting position can be adjusted to offer the optimum operator comfort and speed of installation. With the weight of the driver being supported by the spring loaded arm, operator fatigue is greatly reduced.

Ultimate flexibility

The desoutter screwdriver is renown for being the best quality pneumatic screwdriver and that’s why we selected it for use with the Tappex FlexiArm. We offer both a 510 rpm auto or manual reverse and an 1100 rpm auto reverse. The FlexiArm has a range of upto 800mm and can install inserts into mouldings or assemblies at different heights with a single set up.

Increased Speed of installation

The FlexiArm can offer increased installation speeds compared to heat staking, cold pressing or ultrasonic installation. The machine is also compact enough to be installed alongside the moulding machine, allowing the operator to install inserts immediately after moulding, utilising the downtime during cycle time.


Tappex provides a 12 month return to base warranty on the Desoutter Driver and the cast iron construction of the FlexiArm ensure that the product will stand up to the rigours of the shop floor environment.

For a video showing the Tappex FlexiArm in use, please follow this link to our Youtube Channel…

Alternatively If you would like to know more about the Tappex range of installation tooling or to book a no-obligation demonstration of the FlexiArm machine please give us a call on +44 (0) 1789 206600 or get in touch using the contact form below.

Application Torque – Thread Inserts for Plastics


It is not always possible to apply the same tightening torque to a plastic assembly as a metallic one. Often there are good reasons why it might be required to but the majority of plastics are relatively weak and all suffer from creep to a greater or lesser degree. However in a carefully considered application and with the right Tappex thread insert it is possible to work around, and sometimes achieve, the same tightening torques that may be applied in a purely metallic assembly.

Key to this consideration is the support offered to the insert. The plastic the insert is installed into is known. As a result it is possible to make a reasonable estimation of what pull out load and what radial torque it might withstand. If the insert is considered in isolation in the plastic the radial torque figure will give a misleading view of the performance capacity of the application as a whole.

The application torque is entirely different and takes into account all the elements of the assembly and the interaction between those elements. It is a much more realistic view of the torque performance that can be expected. Considering an ideal situation, here the mating part would be metallic and has a hole in it that is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the bolt that is passing through it and into the insert in the plastic moulding. The metallic mating part is against the moulding face there is no gap or gasket.
In this situation, as torque is applied to the bolt, after the head of the bolt has contacted the mating part, a pull load will be transmitted by the thread helix to the insert. Initially the insert will resist this load until it reaches a magnitude that the plastic surrounding the features of the insert cannot withstand. The insert will move, the plastic flowing, allowing the insert to come into contact with the metallic mating part. It should be noted that this movement should be restricted to a maximum of 0.3mm by the correct location of the insert. This prevents it partially failing in the plastic, whilst providing a clamp condition for the mating part against the face of the plastic moulding. Once the insert is in contact with the mating part the situation changes, the insert can no longer move in the plastic, any further torque applied to the bolt generates tension. This tension forces the end face of the insert against the metallic mating part, the friction between these faces creates a clamp that resists the torque applied.

In addition it is worth remembering that friction between the bolt head and mating part and between the male and female threads results in losses. So only a proportion of the additional applied torque is converted into tensile load, this can be quite significant depending on the frictional characteristics. The contact between the end face of the insert and the metallic mating part is often the major component resisting the radial component of the torque applied to the bolt. In this ideal situation it will sometimes be the bolt or the internal thread in the insert that becomes the limiting factor. The application torque, in this instance, would be much higher than the pure radial torque that the insert alone will withstand in the plastic.

If you have an application you’d like our help with simply send us your details on the form below, alternatively you can give us a call on +44 (0) 1789 206 600 or send us an e-mail to sales@tappex.co.uk.

Tappex Thread Inserts – Coming to a US State near you!

Tappex have for many years supplied Threaded Inserts directly to a great number of OEM’s across the United States of America.

Following the recent success story that was the NIFMSE (National Industry Fastener & Mill Supply Expo) in Las Vegas…

Tappex in las vegas


Tappex received a great deal of interest from many US based technical distributors.

We are currently working our way through the list of potential distributors and look forward to bringing you more information soon.

For anyone that didn’t get chance to see us and would like to discuss becoming a technical distributor for Tappex Thread Inserts,

please do give us a call on +44 1789 206 600 or e-mail us on sales@tappex.co.uk.


We’d like to say A big thank you to everyone who came to see us at the show and indeed to everyone who made us feel very welcome.

Looking forward to next years show already!

Self Tapping Thread Inserts for plastics metals and composite materials

Tappex manufacture a range of threaded inserts for plastics, metals and composite materials.

As part of our comprehensive product range we offer the Trisert 3 thread insert. Trisert 3 self tapping inserts are available in hardened steel and stainless steel (Grade 303 & Grade 316) and can be installed into a variety of materials, including aluminium, magnesium, carbon fibre or the latest engineering and glass filled plastics.

self tapping insert for plastics metals and composites

Trisert-3 Self tapping insert for plastics, metals and composites materials

The Trisert-3 thread insert has three cutting features to provide more balanced cutting forces and therefore reduced installation torque, compared to the many cross-slot designs available, that only have two cutting features.

The Trisert-3 design maintains the complete cylinder design that provides a stronger body, size-for-size, than the slotted design and also allows it to be used in pull-through applications, without any problems due to increased assembly torque associated with slotted inserts.Trisert-3 is available in two lengths – regular and long – and is based upon the Trisert Reduced Headed design. This provides an increased bearing surface that not only allows higher tightening torques to be applied, but also provides more support to softer mating components. The head diameter is designed to exactly fit the counter bore in the prepared hole, and thus presents a neat flush fit finish, where required.

Material grades

In most applications into plastic, the standard brass Trisert offers a satisfactory and economic solution with good wear resistance and strength. Also it will withstand corrosion in most environments without any second operation surface treatment.

In order to meet the requirements of a wider range of host materials and harsher applications, the selection of the material for the Trisert-3 was very important. Thus the Trisert-3 is offered in two grades of Stainless Steel (303 and 316) and also in case hardened steel with a zinc nickel, trivalent passivated finish.

A key feature of the Trisert-3 is its ability to withstand critical environmental conditions, such as marine and chemical/food processing, while still retaining good wear resistance and strength.

Trisert-3 for thread repairs.

The Trisert-3 inserts can also be used for thread repairs into Aluminium or other metal alloys. and because they require just a straight drilled hole with counterbore as opposed to drilled and tapped holes necessary for wire thread inserts, you can reduce labour costs and save time.

For more information please take a look at our website… www.tappex.co.uk or speak to out applications engineers on +44 (0) 1789 206600